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Nexus Uganda Limited is a construction company that operates in Uganda .Nexus Uganda has got vast expertise in construction seeing that we are well-versed with the terrain because of the mobility of our services.

Nexus also offers structural and techinical services to her clients where we also oversee and advise our clients on their various projects.This has seen us stretch our services beyond the borders of East Africa where our clients abroad get their projects accomplished to satisfaction without having to move.

We have got a very skilled,patient and dilligent work-force that takes every obstacle as a challenge and learning experience.
Our services are:interior designing,aluminium fabrication and construction,electrical and water engineering,carpentry and joinery,structural renovations,scaffolding and we offer technical consultancy in all construction fields.

Our workforce is very flexible to be as big as our projects are at a time. We have a provision to employ casual workers that are registered with our human resource department when the need arises.

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Nexus looks forward to working with you as we set on this journey to take construction to towering heights in Uganda and East Africa as a whole.

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Nexus Uganda Limited has carried out construction and consultation services for various national and multi-national parastals and even individuals. This it has done for commercial, industrial and residential causes. Among the noticeable ones are: banks, schools, donor projects and the government. Some of our major works include: DfCU bank, WFP projects and World Bank projects.

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At Nexus Uganda Limited we strive to provide flexible and reasonable construction services at unbeatable costs. Our goal is customer satisfaction at whatever cost in the most pragmatic time possible as we try to uplift and maintain the standard of construction in Uganda , and East Africa as a whole. To us, client is family.

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